• Secure Cashless Payments

    powered by blockchain technology

  • Paytaca = Philippine Peso + Blockchain

    we took out the blockchain technology from bitcoin and used it to secure transactions in our national currency

Your Money, Your Control

You are the gatekeeper of your funds, nobody else gets to spend it


Your private key is generated and stored in your mobile phone and never sent to our servers, which means that nobody else but you can spend your funds.

Works Offline

Payment transactions can be done in-app even when both user and merchant are offline. The experience is made seamless and without sacrificing security.



The system is Byzantine fault tolerant. It can work even under attack that should guarantee 99.9% uptime.


Free user-to-user funds transfer. Transaction fee for registered merchants is only 1% and it's free for merchants with low sales volume.

Meet the Team

We come from diverse backgrounds but united by the same vision -- to bring more confidence and trust to cashless payments so we can make it more mainstream. We want to see the Philippines evolve into a more cashless society, which can mean more efficiency, convenience and productivity. It is our own way of contributing towards a positive social transformation our country desperately needs.

Joemar Taganna, PhD

President & CEO

Michael Machica, PhD CPA


Kenneth Telmo

Chief Evangelist

Aaron Almadro, CSP

Marketing Director

Get in Touch

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